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Solar Systems Design is revolutionizing solar financing.
Solar Systems Design offers residential 0% SAME AS CASH financing.
0% and No Payments for up to 12 months.

For Commercial installations we now offers SOLAR LEASING.

Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water, Solar Pool Heating.

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Residential Solar






Would you like to reduce your Electric Bill?

  • Would like UNLIMITED FREE Hot Water?
  • How about earning credits back onto your electric bill?
  • Reduce or eliminate all your electric costs and hot water costs, contribute to saving our environment and take advantage of the financial incentives available to you today:

We can show you how! Right now!
Solar Systems Design is your resource for experienced solar installers for photovoltaics, solar hot water, or solar pool heating in your area.

We can help you determine if solar is right for  you. Take our FREE COST ANALYSIS and contact us for a free evaluation by one of our Solar Specialist in your area.

Is Solar Right for You? - Click here to determine the advantages to Solar

• State incentives will pay you the prevailing rebate incentive towards the total cost of a residential system.

• Solar Electric System owners qualify for Federal Tax incentives of $2,000 USD.

• Earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) that pay you cash annually.

We we guide you through the process

Our goal is to establish and maintain a long term relationship with our clients. We work with you before, during and after the installation to ensure you take full advantage of your New Solar Electric System.

STEP BY STEP - The Process

Outlined below are the steps we will take when engineering your Solar Project:

  • Site Evaluation – We examine your address location via satellite, and make an evaluation of your location’s Solar Potential.  The optimal conditions, shading, facing of the structure, and other factors are considered.
  • Needs Analysis – By examining your annual KWH (Kilowatt Hours) usage found on your electric bill we determine your energy usage.
  • Estimate Document Preparation - We prepare a detailed estimate document with cost and rebate information.
  • Deposit for Work – Upon acceptance of this Estimate, we ask for a small refundable deposit to begin the engineering process.
  • Site Visit and Engineering Design -  Our Certified Solar Engineers and Electricians perform a site visit and create a detailed site rendering and planning document.   If structural engineering is needed this is also determined at this point.
  • Detailed Agreement - At this point we present you with a detailed agreement, including the products used on your job site, schedule of installation, and total cost.
  • Permits & Rebate Documents Prepared and Submitted – We prepare all State and County applications for Permits and technical worksheet and applications for State rebates and SREC credits.  We also apply for Utility Interconnection with your Electric Company for net metering, and meter changes.
  • Approval Process – All jobs are pre-approved for State Rebates prior to work performed.  Once the State approves the rebate funds, the funds are allocated for your project for a 1 year period.
  • Financing Options – If financing, we will assist in preparing the documentation needed to obtain financing.
  • Deliver of Merchandise – We schedule deliver of Solar Panels, and other items necessary.
  • Installation - Our team of certified installers, including electricians, engineers, Hvac, Plumbers, construction workers, work on your project until completion.
  • Final Technical Worksheet – This is prepared for the State to initiate final inspection of the installation.
  • Inspection - Once installed, the system is inspected by State, Local, and Electrical Inspectors to assure that the system meets all code standards.
  • Rebate Payment – after inspections and approvals final rebate payment from the state is made.


Our experienced system designers, engineers and installers insure the highest product quality and installation services. We offer a five year warranty on all services provided.

Fanatical Support

Before, During and After installation, we can provide 100% support. After installation we provide preventive maintenance service contracts, ensuring long term system performance.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Management

We now offer Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Management, ensuring our customers take full advantage of current pricing and not missing out on their yearly payout.

Free Cost Analysis

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